Caleb Kruse

Senior Associate at Earthrise Media

Pronouns: He/his

Nominated by Steve McCormick

Caleb's website

Caleb Kruse uses artificial intelligence and satellite data at Earthrise Media to monitor and understand environmental change. He has led the technical development of Global Plastic Watch to find plastic waste before it reaches the ocean, and Amazon Mining Watch to track illegal gold mining in real time. He is now working to build tools that enable communities to leverage their on-the-ground knowledge to create environmental monitoring platforms like these. Previously, he studied oceanography at Stanford and led the machine learning teams at Leap Motion.

Caleb is also a National Geographic explorer. In this capacity, he has driven an ice cream truck across the US to speak with children about exploration and conservation, traced the saltwater aquarium fish trade, and told the story of the highest elevation road in the Himalayas. He continues to work with National Geographic on projects ranging from the oceans to the stratosphere.

Thematic photo by ANIRUDH