chanell fletcher

Chanell Fletcher

Deputy Executive Officer - Environmental Justice

California Air Resources Board

CA Air Resources Board

Chanell Fletcher was appointed to the position of Deputy Executive Officer of Environmental Justice in January 2021. Ms. Fletcher oversees CARB’s Environmental Justice and Community Air Protection Program and is responsible for developing CARB-wide environmental justice policies. She plays a key role in CARB’s programs designed to address disproportionate impacts from air pollution and climate change and associated chronic health conditions affecting Black, Latinx and other communities of color across the state.

Ms. Fletcher is the executive lead for AB 617 and its related programs. She is focused on moving away from a top-down equity model to one that centers on building relationships and trust with partners in the environmental and racial justice movement at the community level.

As part of CARB’s senior executive team, Ms. Fletcher serves as the primary internal and external contact for CARB on environmental justice, climate equity and community air protection efforts. Ms.Fletcher is also developing a training program to provide staff with the understanding and skills to more effectively partner with communities.

Prior to joining CARB, Ms. Fletcher served as Executive Director of ClimatePlan, a nonprofit organization focused on advancing policies and programs to address the relationship between land use policy and climate change to realize more sustainable and equitable development throughout California. She also served as Senior Policy Manager for the Safe Routes to Schools National Partnership. She has worked with environmental justice organizations including the Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, as well as racial equity organizations including PolicyLink and Public Advocates to shape legislation and advocate for competitive grant programs that increase access and opportunity for low-income communities and communities of color.

Ms. Fletcher earned her Bachelor’s degree in History from U.C. Santa Cruz and her Master in Public Administration from San Francisco State.