Cheng Yang (Sunny) Yeh

Chair of the Marine Center Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Network; Graduate Student

Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

I am a PhD student who uses Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and model simulations to understand physical oceanography. My current focus is on the weather in the ocean — mesoscale energy, which is an essential component of the large-scale ocean circulation. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Earth Science and a master’s degree in Oceanic Sciences with honors from Taiwan. 

My previous scientific work centered on physical coastal dynamics and unmanned drone measurement in the coastal shoreline. Particular projects include wave-energy dissipation during the shoaling process; LIDAR-based drone development and measurement; and coastline management based on morphology monitoring. In addition, I was involved in community outreach, contributing to the preservation of Stone Tidal Weirs cultural heritage; and participating in the University Social Responsibility (USR) Program.