chloe kim

Chloe Kim

Second Year MBA Student

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Chloe started her career as a project engineer for global gas plant projects at Samsung Engineering. After five years in the gas sector, Chloe moved on to non-profit with the aim to work in the renewable energy field. As an internal consultant at Greenpeace East Asia, her focus was on energy market and regulatory research to stimulate growth of renewable energy in Korea. She also designed research projects focusing on global ocean sustainability, such as plastic pollution and sustainable fishing.

Chloe joined UCLA Anderson with a plan to move back into the private sector with an organization that enables sustainable energy solutions with new technology and business models. She joined Tesla for her summer internship, working in global supply management for the power distribution team.

At Anderson, Chloe is actively leading a group to improve sustainability at Anderson and is in the process of institutionalizing an official student government role to oversee and promote sustainability within the school. She serves as EVP of the Energy Management Group where she leads the club and engages with industry networks. She is also VP of Admissions for the Korean Business Student Association. In her free time, Chloe loves to surf, swim, and play tennis. Curious in nature, Chloe never stops exploring.