chloe whicker

Chloe Whicker

Undergraduate student

Chloe is a second year undergraduate researcher working on the Western United States Hydrology and Paleohydrology Project. She grew up in the greater Los Angeles area, and is studying environmental science with a concentration in atmospheric and oceanic sciences at UCLA. She is an undergraduate CARE research fellow. In her free time, Chloe enjoys running, hiking, and cooking.

One of Chloe’s long term goals is to continue her participation in climate science research. She recently worked on the the Western United States Paleohydrology Project using paleoclimate observations derived from clumped isotope geochemistry to evaluate climate models with an overall goal of reducing the uncertainty in climate model predictions. She is analyzing carbonate samples from Mono Basin, Owens Lake, Panamint Valley, and Surprise Valley to quantify how and why the climate has warmed since the Last Glacial Maximum, and to examine the impacts on the water cycle.