emilie tarouilly

Emily Tarouilly

Graduate Student Water Resources Group Executive Committee

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Emilie Tarouilly is a second year PhD student in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Her research focuses on the changing hydrology of the western US (she is currently investigating causes of major floods events, in particular rain-on-snow) with applications in water management. Emilie’s interest in natural resources (she obtained her BSc in Ecology at Imperial College, London) is centered on hydrology & water resources engineering. She has worked in multiple roles in the water industry, including distribution networks operation, water treatment process modelling, and water resources management at Thames Water (London’s water company). Emilie came to UCLA out of interest for the complexity of the water system in California (e.g. snow driven hydrology, reliance on imported water) and the need, in this context, to take a multidisciplinary approach that applies both environmental science and engineering to water management.