emily lindsey

Emily Lindsey

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

La Kretz Hall, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90095

323-857-6300 x1130


Dr. Emily L. Lindsey is Assistant Curator and Excavation Site Director at the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, and Adjunct Faculty in the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA. Her research uses information from past and modern ecosystems to understand how Ice Age animals and environments functioned, how climate change and human actions intersect to drive extinctions, and to predict future ecological response in the face of modern global change. She also collaborates cross-disciplinarily to develop strategies for integrating deep- and near-time perspectives on global change into land management practices, environmental law and policy frameworks, and conservation science.

Dr. Lindsey has conducted fieldwork in the United States, Chile, Antarctica, Guyana, and Ecuador, where her ongoing field program focuses on investigating the Quaternary asphaltic fossil localities of the Santa Elena Peninsula.  She teaches and mentors students in North and South America, and serves on the board of the Institute for Field Research. She studied at Brown University, the University of California – Berkeley, and as a Fulbright scholar at the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural in Uruguay, before joining NHMLA in 2016.