emma finn

Emma Finn

Undergraduate Student and UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative Fellow

Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA

Emma Finn (she/her/hers) is a fourth-year Geography/Environmental Studies major and Public Affairs minor at UCLA. She identifies as a social justice warrior, and considers sustainability a lifestyle. As a student engagement fellow for the UC-wide Carbon Neutrality Initiative, she wanted to use her resources to re-center and reframe the conversation around sustainability within UCLA’s campus community and create a platform that amplifies the environmental narratives of BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) identities. After various conversations with like-minded students, she brought together the Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA to make her vision a reality. Emma is also an avid foodie, backpacker, and curly-haired womxn who loves to cook. Her favorite food group is ice cream.


climate justice forum

Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA

The Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA was brought together as a means of challenging the white-dominated conventions of the contemporary environmentalism movement by promoting and co-creating a healing space for marginalized identities to unpack, discuss, and organize for diversity and inclusivity within the mainstream environmentalism movement.