emma fuller

Emma Fuller

Member, Sustainability Advisory Group

Emma is a quantitative ecologist and data scientist interested in how we humans effect change in the food webs of which we are a part. She graduated in 2016 with a PhD from Princeton’s department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology where she studied patterns of commercial fishing along the US West Coast. Right now she spends most of her time using large, high-dimensional, unstructured data to derive novel insights for farmers as a data scientist at Granular.

Emma’s background has been working on applied natural resource problems (e.g. problems due to predators, livestock, fishing, and agricultural practices) by understanding the ecological and economic principles which underlie and perpetuate these issues. She thinks sitting at the intersection academic research and industry, of theory and practice, has tremendous potential to affect change in these difficult to manage coupled human-natural systems. She is excited to be doing so as a part of the advisory group at UCLA’s IoES.