Eric Abelson

Eric Abelson

Postdoctoral Researcher

UCLA La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science


Roads endanger wildlife persistence in a myriad of ways. In addition to negatively influencing connectivity, community dynamics and genetic diversity, roads directly threaten human/wildlife safety as wildlife enter, and are struck by vehicles, on the roadway. Fundamentally there is a mismatch between wildlife’s perception of the danger that accompany vehicles and the actual threats vehicles pose. My current postdoctoral research, in collaboration with Daniel Blumstein (UCLA) and Seth Riley (National Park Service), works to decrease the impacts of roads through research on wildlife perception at the roadside. The focus of this research is to discourage wildlife from areas that put animals and humans at the greatest risk (e.g. curving roads with low visibility) and encourage wildlife crossing at safe locations (e.g. wildlife underpasses). Additionally, I am examining how climate change might influence wildlife movement and alter their interactions with humans into the future.

Broadly speaking, my research program links wildlife biology, ecology, and conservation science to understand ways in which human-driven environmental change alters wildlife behavior and persistence. I earned my Ph.D. and M.S. at Stanford University where I worked to identify why some mammals are more extinction-resistant than others.


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