Evelyn Wan

B.S. ' 22

Environmental Science

Evelyn is interested in creating spaces for researchers, communities, government, and tech to share knowledge, build trust, and work collectively to cultivate healthier and more just environments. With an Environmental Science bachelor’s degree from UCLA, she cares deeply about the entanglements of environmental data and knowledge circulation in addressing global climate problems. Currently, at the ClimateWorks Foundation, she is exploring how to center diverse perspectives and priorities to create durable, nimble climate strategies amid an increasingly complex, dynamic, and fragmented landscape.

Outside of work, she designs operational and collaborative systems at climate orgs, collects words, and imagines pluralistic worlds at are.na and Substack.


resilience: 2020-2021 focus

Resilience: 2020-2021 Focus

In the face of widespread changes brought about by COVID-19, record-breaking wildfires across the west coast, and one of the most active Atlantic tropical storm seasons on record, the importance…