resilience: 2020-2021 focus

Research Project | 2020

Resilience: 2020-2021 Focus

In the face of widespread changes brought about by COVID-19, record-breaking wildfires across the west coast, and one of the most active Atlantic tropical storm seasons on record, the importance of resiliency cannot be overstated. Resilience recognizes that disruptions enviably will come and that building flexibility into operations allows one to better recover on-course, minimizing detours or derailments as much as possible.

Reaffirming commitments to environmental and social governance helps to build resilience. Since the onset of the pandemic, there is evidence that the importance of corporate sustainability has only increased and that investors are increasingly motivated by ESG factors

Over this academic year, the Corporate Partner’s Program will work to shed light on the diverse impacts of the pandemic on organizations’ sustainability policies and how these policies create resilience to current and future disruptions.

A kickoff event on the topic of resilience will be held October 29th, offering a range of viewpoints from a panel of professionals hailing from LA Metro, the United Nations, and US Green Building Council-LA. The event will be hosted on Zoom and open to the public, although we encourage registration through our Eventbrite link.

We are currently developing our green paper research portfolio for the year. If you have a research question you would like us to consider, please email