gavin d. madakumbura

Gavin D. Madakumbura

Graduate Student Researcher

Center for Climate Science


Gavin’s research interests mainly lie in hydroclimatic variability, hydrological and climate modeling, and detection-attribution of climate phenomena. He finished his MSc in Civil Engineering, specializing in global hydroclimatology, at the University of Tokyo in 2017. Before starting at UCLA in 2018, Gavin worked at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on a project related to precipitation measurement missions.

Recently, he has been involved in investigating the climate benefits of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, one of the stated goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement. A special focus was given to compound events, where extreme climate conditions occur simultaneously or successively, which could impose significantly devastating impacts on society. Furthermore, Gavin is contributing to the development of a next-generation hydrological model forcing data set, which will provide the feasibility of hyper-resolution (~1km) global hydrological and land surface modeling.

In his previous research, Gavin also explored long-range forecasting of Indian monsoon rainfall based on teleconnections and how these teleconnections change in a warming climate, and hydrological and regional climate modeling for improved streamflow simulation using numerical models.