Hannah Chun

Hannah Chun

Graduate Student, Water Resources Group Executive Committee

Urban and Regional Planning, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

Pronouns: she/her

Hannah is currently a Master of Urban and Regional Planning graduate student with an interest in achieving climate justice through nature-based, community-driven, creative solutions. Having graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis on stormwater management, she recognizes the necessity of approaching our modern challenges through interdisciplinary, collaborative action.

Hannah grew up in Sonoma, surrounded by vineyards and cows, and spent holidays on her grandparent’s produce farm in Sacramento. Raised by a family of farmers in an agricultural town, she feels passionate about protecting populations vulnerable to climate change, and about natural resource stewardship. Hannah aspires to balance and integrate climate adaptation efforts between highly urban areas and rural regions, according to their variegated challenges.