hayley bricker

Hayley Bricker

Graduate Student

Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences

Hayley (they/them) is a first year PhD student in the Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences department. They will be studying clumped isotopes in microbial fossils and terrestrial invertebrates in order to build more accurate climate models. After a difficult undergraduate bouncing around between several different majors, Hayley earned their BA in Earth & Environmental Sciences at UCLA in 2018. As an undergraduate, they worked in the Tripati Lab on a project characterizing clumped isotope signals in global terrestrial snails. After graduating, they continued on in Dr. Tripati’s lab as a post-baccalaureate CDLS Early Career Fellow and lab assistant. Additionally, Hayley has been a Museum Guide at Griffith Observatory for the past two years. Hayley aspires to become a project scientist, museum curator, or science librarian after obtaining their PhD. In their spare time, Hayley enjoys reading, amateur astronomy, watching films with friends, hiking & backpacking, endurance running, and coffee.