Isabella B. Arzeno-Soltero

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

BH 5732-D

Isabella Arzeno-Soltero’s research spans a wide array of topics, all rooted in the concept of coastal resilience. For example, she investigates the impact of seaweed on coastal hydrodynamics (dispersion, transport, and mixing) and explores innovative strategies for utilizing seaweed to improve the well-being of communities. This includes initiatives like employing seaweed for bioremediation, ultimately mitigating the formation of coastal hypoxic zones that affect both community and ecological health.

Arzeno-Soltero’s research methodology primarily centers around observational approaches, making use of techniques such as scientific diving for instrument deployment. However, she also incorporates numerical modeling in her investigations. Arzeno-Soltero cultivates close collaborations with scholars from diverse disciplines to gain a comprehensive understanding of integrated socio-environmental systems, and she places a strong emphasis on active engagement with local communities.