jen molnar

Jen Molnar

Member, Sustainability Advisory Group

Jen Molnar is a scientific leader in incorporating nature into human decisions at the corporate and policy level. She is managing director and lead scientist of The Nature Conservancy’s new Center for Sustainability Science.  The Center is focused on enabling transformative change by filling science gaps that are inhibiting large-scale uptake and implementation of sustainability solutions via corporate practices and policy.

Jen’s current work focuses on achieving significant conservation outcomes through policy and corporate practices, including projects on sustainable agriculture and natural infrastructure. She is also the science lead for the TNC-Dow Chemical Company collaboration, demonstrating how a company can change its core decision-making to account for nature. This work has led to Dow’s ground-breaking ten-year Valuing Nature Goal – a commitment to consider nature in all of the Fortune 50 company’s capital, R&D, and real estate decisions by 2020, while aiming to generate $1B in business value from projects that are good for business and good for ecosystems.

Jen has over 15 years of experience in applying science to decisions that improve the state of the natural world and how people depend on it, including through research, global assessments, corporate practice innovations, and environmental remediation.

Jen received a master’s degree from Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and now serves as a board member of the Alumni Association. She has a B.S. in environmental engineering from Harvard and has previous experience in hydrology and environmental remediation.