Lei Huang

Climate Data Scientist

Center for Climate Science

Google Scholar

Lei is a climate data scientist in Alex’s research group. His job duties have two main aspects, data management and assisting in workflows. He manages large gridded geospatial datasets that the group uses, including local instances of large public datasets, and the output of simulations conducted in the group which is being archived on cloud platform such as AWS. He also performs a quarterly inventory check of the group’s data holdings to ensure that local storage, data archives, and backups are being properly used. He helps group scientists/students build and optimize workflows at the code level. This includes reviewing processing/analysis scripts’ functionality and correctness, as well as coordinating with group members to properly manage, organize, and advertise optimized codes on GitHub and other storage systems.

Lei joined our group in July 2021.  He obtained his BS and MS degree at Peking University in China and PhD degree at The University of Texas at Austin. Before joining UCLA, he was a research technologist at JPL, where he has developed and debugged data production software for the Jason-3, Sentinel-6, and SWOT microwave radiometers.