li zhang

Li Zhang

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Preventing air pollution— including from e-cig aerosols— through research and design

Li Zhang is a third-year doctoral candidate in Environmental Science and Engineering at UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. He is on residency with Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning, Atmospheric Environment Institute. His work at CAEP includes formulating the national atmospheric pollution prevention and control plan, and investigating atmospheric carrying capacity, atmospheric environmental protection policies and management measures.

He previously completed his Problem Course on “Exhaled Electronic Cigarette Aerosols in a Multizone Indoor Environment”, which is the first study focusing on the transport and mitigation strategies of exhaled e-cig aerosols in a multizone indoor environment.

He receives his Master degree in Environmental Health Science from Harvard University. There he investigated the relationship between pollution emissions from building and the incidence of sick building syndrome in young families. He holds a Bachelor degree in Built Environmental Engineering from Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) where he explored topics including indoor air quality and environmental due diligence assessment.

He is looking forward to broadening his environmental knowledge while in the ESE program, and using that skill set in the real world during his time on residency.