lian mae agriam tualla

Lian Mae Agriam Tualla

Undergraduate Student

Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA

Lian Mae Agriam Tualla (she/they)  is a 2nd year Environmental Science major with in a minor in Environmental Systems and Society. With her interest in both multimedia and ethnic studies, she also hopes to pursue two additional minors in Digital Humanities and Asian American Studies. As a self-proclaimed multi-potentialite, she believes that multifaceted problems in Environmental Science need multifaceted people and solutions. She hopes to make sustainability accessible and relatable to marginalized communities through Environmental communications and policy. She is a founding member of the Environmentalist of Color Collective and has worked with community leaders, artivists, and grassroots organizers to help organize the Climate Justice Forum and produce ECC’s film.


climate justice forum

Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA

The Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA was brought together as a means of challenging the white-dominated conventions of the contemporary environmentalism movement by promoting and co-creating a healing space for marginalized identities to unpack, discuss, and organize for diversity and inclusivity within the mainstream environmentalism movement.