Malia Michelsen

Malia Michelsen

B.S. '24

Environmental Science

Malia Michelsen is currently a second-year undergraduate student at UCLA, majoring in environmental science with a concentration in environmental systems and society. On campus, she is heavily involved in the Undergraduate Garden Coalition DIG as their maintenance coordinator and co-director, and volunteers as a Learning Assistant (LA) for life sciences calculus courses. She hopes to pursue higher education in environmental management with a focus on corporate sustainability. To further this goal, she is now working with UCLA’s IoES Corporate Partners Program to conduct research concerning the nutritional value and environmental impact of modern fad diets compared to that of a climatarian in order to aid a partnered company in improving their marketing experience. This research opportunity aims to open the conversation concerning the significant and dynamic relationship between diet and climate resilience. In her free time, Malia is an avid runner, enjoys weight training and practicing yoga. She is passionate about nutrition and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, hoping to integrate these interests in a future career in the expanding field of environment science.



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