marjan kris abubo

Marjan Kris Abubo

Undergraduate Student

Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA

Marjan Kris Abubo (he/him/his) is a history and urban planning student in his final year of undergrad. He draws from his experiences with environmental justice activism in Santa Barbara and from the community conditions he witnessed growing up in southeast LA to pursue a future career in environmental law and urban policy reform. In this collective, Marjan Kris helped steer the organization’s mission and vision guidelines, inspired by groups across other UC campuses, and is in the process of creating an environmental privilege walk toolkit. His current project is integrating vegetarianism in traditional Pilipinx recipes. He is a big Frank Ocean fan.


climate justice forum

Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA

The Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA was brought together as a means of challenging the white-dominated conventions of the contemporary environmentalism movement by promoting and co-creating a healing space for marginalized identities to unpack, discuss, and organize for diversity and inclusivity within the mainstream environmentalism movement.