Morgan Carrington

Morgan Carrington

Graduate Student

University of Texas at Austin

Pronouns: She/they

Morgan is a first-year graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin studying geological sciences. Currently, they are working on geomorphology, specifically lithologic controls on bedrock rivers on Earth and Mars. Their interest in sciences was sparked in 4th grade, when she learned how geodes were formed and the beauty of nature. 

Community outreach is the most important aspect of the CDLS to Morgan. They believe being a good scientist is important, but taking that work to the community level is even more crucial. She emphasizes that STEM is made better by having diverse members. “Allowing the space for individuals from all backgrounds, especially those that are historically underrepresented, to have a platform and be heard allows for better and more ethical science to be done,” they said.

Morgan would love to become a professor and continue their strides to increase DEI in geosciences through mentorship, outreach, and training for future geoscientists. In her free time, Morgan loves to explore the outdoors, concerts, and play instruments.

“I’m incredibly happy to be able to continue on this career path as a black woman coming from a family of strong black women who have trail-blazed paths for themselves for over four generations. I dedicate everything I do to my family (both ancestral and living) and friends. It is because of them that I am who I am and continue to work hard towards my goals.”