Olubanjo Olugbenga (Olu) is the founder & CEO of Reeddi. Reeddi leverages its proprietary technology to provide clean, reliable and affordable electricity to individuals, households and businesses operating in energy-poor regions of the world. Currently, Reeddi serves more than 1000 households and businesses monthly in Nigeria. Among other numerous global awards, Olu’s flagship innovation startup, Reeddi Capsule, was recently nominated as one of15 finalists for Prince William’s £1 million EarthShot Prize. Olugbenga’s innovation was also recently named TIME Magazine’s Best Invention of 2021, and was listed as one of Fast Company’s world-changing ideas.

Olu graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from University of Ibadan, and Masters in engineering from the University of Toronto. He was awarded the University of Toronto John Wesley J. Hall Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship. He also received the University of Toronto Social Innovation Award. Olu constantly seeks to make a globally beneficial social, environmental and economic impact using technology and market-creating innovations that have kingdom-focused principles.