pono shim

Pono Shim


Oahu Economic Development Board

Pono Shim (he/him) is a gifted storyteller who is known for using illustrations to connect with his audiences. He believes that the majority of social issues facing individuals, organizations, and communities are symptoms of deeper problems that can and must be addressed today. In 2009, he was asked to take over the leadership of Enterprise Honolulu (now the Oahu Economic Development Board). At the time, the organization was in serious financial distress and had lost favor with the local community. Pono deployed techniques of transforming the organization’s culture, collectively known as ADHOC (Aloha Defines Hawaii’s Organizational Culture). Today, the organization is financially stable and considered an influential leadership hub in the state. Pono considers his exposure to Hawaii leadership philosophies as a child to be the backbone to his ideas, actions and words.