priya ganguli

Priya Ganguli

Assistant Professor

California State University, Northridge

Professor Priya Ganguli is an incoming Assistant Professor at California State University Northridge. Her appointment is affiliated with the Water Resources Center and is in the Department of Geological Sciences. Professor Ganguli’s research interests include aqueous geochemistry, contaminant cycling, groundwater-surface water interaction, food web dynamics, watershed dynamics, and climate change. In addition to research, she loves teaching, and taught at Saddleback Community College

Professor Ganguli was awarded a NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC Irvine and UC Santa Cruz to study the transport and fate of mercury in the environment. She also held a postdoctoral fellowship at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution where she explored climate change impacts on mercury cycling in salt marsh systems in collaboration with the US Geological Survey. She also gained valuable experience working as a geologist at the San Francisco Bay Water Board where she was involved in large-scale mine site and wetland remediation projects, as well as groundwater cleanup at industrial sites (e.g., refineries, landfills).