rachel lee

Rachel Lee


Department of English, Gender Studies, Center for the Study of Women, Institute of Society & Genetics

Center for the Study of Women Profile

Rachel Lee is the author of The Exquisite Corpse of Asian America: Biopolitics, Biosociality and Posthuman Ecologies (2014) winner of the Best Book in Culture Studies Award from the Association of Asian American Studies. Her scholarship draws on critical methods from race/ethnic studies in conjunction with theories of gender and sexuality, to examine the specific interfaces and choreographies of stand-up comedy, dance, new media/digital technology, and literature, most recently as they reflect on the life sciences. She heads the Center for the Study of Women’s research project on “Chemical Entanglements: Gender and Toxic Exposures,” which maps the way in which women have been enrolled, both as scientists and non-scientists, in chemical experiments since WWII, and aims to increase the chemical literacy of scholars in gender/sexuality studies.