ronald thompson iii

Ronald Thompson III


Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Ronald (Ronnie) Thompson III will be a senior at UCLA in the Fall of 2020 as an Environmental Science Major and Conservation Biology Minor. After Ronnie graduates, his aim is to pursue studies involving bee and other pollinator community/behavior. He loves being outside, spending time with friends and to make people laugh. Any day he is able to make someone laugh is a good day. 

“I have been a part of CDLS since my sophomore year and I have had the honor of taking part in both research and outreach projects. I am most proud of being able to present clumped isotope research at the UCLA Undergraduate Research Day, as well as leading the Diversi-Tea/Courageous Coffee program. In this program, we create a safe space for students and faculty to come and discuss issues pertaining to underrepresented, people of color in STEM. I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing diverse group of people looking to change the world around us through collaborative research and community outreach.”