yen-heng (henry) lin

Yen-Heng (Henry) Lin

Postdoctoral Scholar

Center for Climate Science

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Yen-Heng (Henry) Lin is a climatologist devoted to researching climate change in order to reduce property damage and loss of life. He joined Alex Hall’s group in February 2019. His research interests primarily lie in climate diagnostics, weather extremes, and regional climate change. Currently, Henry’s research focuses on regional climate change and wildfires in California. He has a passion for investigating the impacts of global warming on regional climate extremes, resilience, and sustainability, especially in the California area.

Henry graduated with a PhD in Climate Science from Utah State University in 2018. His previous research sought to understand internal variability under a warming climate, including tropical decadal variability, tropical-arctic interaction, mid-latitude climate variability, and California groundwater variation. These studies allow him to understand climate puzzles and make better predictions of future climate.


developing metrics to evaluate the skill and credibility of downscaling

Developing Metrics to Evaluate the Skill and Credibility of Downscaling

Within the climate science community, a variety of techniques are used to "downscale" information from global climate models and produce fine-scale projections of future climate, but the relative strengths and weaknesses of these techniques are not well-understood. In this project, we are comparing downscaling techniques and establishing best practices.