Practicum Project | 2014

Tuning the white light spectrum of residential lamps for reducing nocturnal insect attraction

Students: Hannah Lins Aldern, John Franklin Eggers, Steve Flores, Lesly Joanne Franco, Eric Hirshfield-Yamanishi, Laina Natalia Petrinec, Wilson Alexander Yan


Client: Philips Lighting

Advisor: Assoc. Adj. Prof. Travis Longcore

Final Report

Online publication: Tuning the white light spectrum of light emitting diode lamps to reduce attraction of nocturnal arthropods

by Travis Longcore, Hannah L. Aldern, John F. Eggers, Steve Flores, Lesly Franco, Eric Hirshfield-Yamanishi, Laina N. Petrinec, Wilson A. Yan, André M. Barroso.