nasa satellite above earth

Pritzker Projects | 2022

Analyzing methane emissions in Nigeria using TROPOMI and CrIS

Pritzker Award Affiliate: Lola Fatoyinbo, Research Scientist, NASA

Impact Fellow: Oscar Alejandro Neyra Nazarretty (IoES doctoral student)

Project objective: Develop a better understanding of the environmental impacts on mangroves in Nigeria. 

Activity includes: Oscar is using the tropospheric monitoring instrument from the Sentinel 5-P Satellite to look at the changes in methane emissions near mangroves in Nigeria, with a particular focus on the evolution of emissions due to oil fields in energy-dense areas. 

Lola and Oscar are a good pair because in his own research Oscar has been using the tropospheric monitoring instrument (TROPOMI) to analyze particle formation process in the air. While his focus has exclusively been on Carbon Monoxide, Oscar can use the same scripts he developed during his dissertation to analyze methane emissions in different regions of the earth. The focus of this project is highly related to Oscar’s dissertation.