assessing biodiversity indicatin santa monica

Practicum Project | 2021

Assessing biodiversity indicators in Santa Monica

The City of Santa Monica has been ahead of the curve in terms of sustainability efforts. The city was the among the first to develop a sustainability report and provide legal standing to nature through the Sustainability Rights Ordinance, which recognizes that “natural communities and ecosystems possess fundamental and inalienable rights to exist and flourish” (Ordinance 12.02). But to track progress in sustainability, you must measure it. Our practicum team will advance the city’s sustainability goals by evaluating indicators for the city’s biodiversity and urban forests. We will assess tree canopy coverage to track how tree cover has changed through time and which neighborhoods could benefit from tree planting programs; we will evaluate permeable surfaces to improve stormwater reduction; and we will consider which indicators the City can use to track changes in biodiversity. Through our work, the City of Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment can better make decisions regarding its urban ecosystem, improving sustainability programs, conservation initiatives, and keeping the city accountable by tracking their progress.

2020 Canopy by Neighborhood_Final Exhibit assessing biodiversity indicators in santa monica