climate change solutions video series

Research Project | 2016

Climate Change Solutions Video Series

Global climate disruption is affecting the planet in ways never experienced in human history. LENS is collaborating with the UC Office of the President to produce a series of six short videos with host Dr. M. Sanjayan which will pose a simple question: Can we do anything to stop climate change or should we just hide under the covers? Each episode will ask a specific related question about climate disruption and explore positive and practical solutions to the climate crisis.

By asking the right questions about climate change, can we combat personal and collective apathy and make impactful progress around the problem of climate change?

The problem of climate change often feels overwhelming. Our series aims to counter this perception by breaking down the issue into approachable and accessible parts. We’ll ask unexpected questions about climate change and highlight surprising, outcome-focused solutions. We’ll connect these stories to people’s everyday experiences and make the solutions feel achievable.

Dr. M. Sanjayan, a visiting researcher with LENS at UCLA, is a leading ecologist, speaker, writer and an Emmy-nominated news contributor focused on the role of conservation in improving human well-being, wildlife and the environment. He is currently the executive vice president and senior scientist at Conservation International and host of the television series Earth: A New Wild, produced by National Geographic Studios.