eat your water by sam swartz

Research Project | 2017

Eat Your Water by Sam Swartz

Although the last year brought much needed rainfall, California is still facing a long-term drought. In many parts of the state, crops and farmland remain under stress and the state’s agricultural economy is still under threat. One of the most egregious wasters of water is the beef industry, which not only takes valuable water from the production of more sustainable food sources, but also is a heavy water polluter as well as a significant contributor to climate change due to the tons of methane produced by cows on a daily basis. The anti-beef movement is growing at a rapid pace, and the goal of “Eat Your Water” is to educate consumers and enable them to make informed and conscientious choices about the food that we eat.  An educated consumer is an empowered consumer. 

eat your water by sam swartzeat your water by sam swartz