SAR Project | 2021

Assessment of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Efforts in the UCLA Sustainability Community Through Student Experiences

Project Description:

Team EDI is investigating the current status of EDI in sustainability, specifically the measures being implemented at UCLA and student feedback. We want to identify the shortcomings in relationships, access, and accountability from the sustainability leadership and community.

We define EDI in sustainability as…

  • Fostering an inclusive, safe, and welcoming sustainability community for all
  • Elevating the voices and needs of historically underrepresented groups
  • Recognizing the existence of structural oppression and discrimination and actively challenging these structures

We hope to promote values of justice, accountability, and student empowerment to ensure that current and future generations of sustainability community members are welcomed and allowed a productive space to challenge harmful exclusionary frameworks in the sustainability community.

Our project scope is open-ended, so we want to prioritize working closely with our stakeholder, IoES faculty, and our student community to best address the concerns of folks affected by the lack of EDI in sustainability spaces. We hope to use data gathered in the preliminary research phase to lay a strong foundation for future team EDIs. Our preliminary research will consist of outreach, surveys, and focus groups. Through our outreach efforts we hope to establish connections and cultivate relationships with student organizations and campus centers to ensure our work will last beyond our limited timeline this year, to conduct a survey to learn about a broad range of individual experiences/identities, and to hold focus groups to speak with students about their collective experiences based on results from our survey and outreach.

Stakeholder(s): Carlo Morante

Team Leaders: Alyssa Moreno, Pratika Nagpal

Team Members: Madi Lehman, Priscilla Velez, Janelle Vidal, Julia Wu

Check out our Final Report! 

EDI Comprehensive Final Report