Special Project | 2019

Environmental Science Without Borders

Environmental Science Without Borders (ESWB) is an international peer-mentorship program where students and scientists from different countries come together and learn from one another in environmental fields. ESWB was created by CDLS postdoctoral fellow Adeyemi Adebiyi who recognized that many abroad might be interested in working in science but may lack the infrastructure, skills, and connections to break through barriers. To help solve these problems, we host bi-monthly video conferences for participants around the world to learn about research design, general funding, and teaching portfolios among other topics. For more information, please visit the Environmental Science Without Borders website.


“I wanted to inspire students in developing countries to push forward and stay in environmental science by connecting them with like-minded people across the world.” ~ Adeyemi Adebiyi, CDLS Fellow


environmental science without borders