with different skin colors holding each other, respectively.
A Zoom photo of the 2022 Sustainability Action Research Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in Sustainability team. Students are smiling and holding up their fists, as a symbol of social justice and solidarity. In the background of each student’s Zoom thumbnail is a banner containing the text “equity, diversity, and inclusion.” Under each word is an image of stick figures standing on boxes to be the same height, the Earth surrounded by leaves, and hands with different skin colors holding each other, respectively.

SAR Project | 2022

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Team 2022: Understanding the Intersection of EDI and Sustainability

As UCLA continues to develop its Sustainability Master Plan and determine what sustainability initiatives and programs would be most beneficial for UCLA students. As sustainability grows on campus, the university must create initiatives that take into account communities that traditionally feel excluded from sustainability. This SAR team is researching the intersection of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and sustainability within the UCLA community through interviews and focus groups. Building upon last year’s EDI team’s findings, this year’s team will be focusing on the exclusion of  multiple marginalized identities in sustainability, financial barriers preventing individuals from accessing sustainable products, & more. Based on the research, the team will be creating a manual for sustainability organizations and beyond, illustrating how to recruit, educate, and plan events or initiatives promoting EDI for and with students. 

Stakeholder: Brittany Pannell (Community Director, Undergraduate Apartments North)

Members (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Nancy Nan (she/her), Ananya Masnaruemitr (she/her), Gladys Nava-Jacobo (she/her), Lilly Mitchell (she/her), Shailah Arreola-Bittner (she/they), Priscilla Velez (she/her) 

EDI 2022: Final Report

EDI 2022: Final Presentation

EDI 2022: Final Deliverable