faculty development

Special Project | 2017

Faculty Development

Faculty Fellows take a leadership role in creating more inclusive environments at UCLA by transforming STEM teaching and mentoring through growing their awareness and practices, with the goal of improving recruitment and retention rates of students from diverse backgrounds into environmental science and other STEM fields.  

Our Faculty Fellows continue their professional development as inclusive teachers and mentors while helping to form a CDLS community by participating in our events. More concretely, we ask them to complete training to help produce the following deliverables: 

  •       Revise and teach a class to promote active learning and/or to improve environmental literacy, 

  •       Create and implement a mentoring plan for their research group,

  •       Adapt their research group structure to be more collaborative and inclusive (e.g. team-based science, vertical and peer mentoring).

Faculty fellows are from these 9 departments: Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES), Chemistry & Biochemistry, Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences (AOS), Geography, Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE), Urban Planning, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB), Statistics, and Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences (EPSS).


Trainings this Year for Faculty Fellows:

Center for Education Innovation and Learning in the Sciences 

Faculty Workshop on Best Practices in Teaching

Active Learning for Inclusive Classrooms 

Tools for Peer Observations & Self-Assessment of Teaching

Increasing Student Learning through Group Work

Creating Equitable Learning Environments & Teaching Inclusively 

Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching

Faculty Learning Program


Office of Instructional Development

Teaching at UCLA: A Symposium to Showcase Innovation & Inspire Excellence


Bruin X

Confronting Bias

Contributions to Equity and Inclusion* 


National Research Mentoring Network

Advancing Mentoring Practices


Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research 

Facilitating Entering Mentoring Workshop from the NSF INCLUDES Aspire Alliance


UCLA’s Working Group  on Advancing Opportunity  for Individuals with Disabilities  

Disability Awareness Training*


Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning

How Can We Interrupt and Mitigate Implicit Bias When We Witness It?*


Association of American Colleges and Universities

Advancing Diversity and Inclusivity through Multilevel Strategic Leadership*


Climate Reality Project

Climate Reality Leadership Corps*


*offered, but not attended