green spaces & buildings

SAR Project | 2016

Green Spaces & Buildings

The Green Spaces & Buildings team approached the Green Buildings sector of sustainability practices in an alternative way with the goal of maximizing use of spaces already existing on UCLA campus and thereby eliminating the need for unnecessary construction.  The team worked on two projects. The first project’s objective was to repurpose an underused space that will attract students and promote sustainability through elements such as garden planters and recycled furnishings. The second project was to produce a comprehensive, user-friendly webpage for students to have better access to and awareness of the available spaces on campus. Through these projects, the team hoped students will recognize the sustainability inherent to purposefully utilizing what is already available. 

Stakeholder: Todd Lynch

Leaders: Carolina Villacis and Rachael Lee

Members: Kaylyn Levine, Keara Tuso, Leah Lippman

Final Report

Final Poster

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