SAR Project | 2021

Bridging the Gap: Facilitating Conversations on Sustainability with UCLA Athletics

Project Description:

The 2021 Green Games Team is working with BELT (Bruin Environmental Leadership Team), a group of student athletes interested in environmental matters, to research and raise awareness on matters relating to environmental justice, specifically on accessibility to outdoor spaces and recreation facilities. We are completing some preliminary background research on the matter, reaching out to students to hear their experiences and first-hand accounts, and showcasing this information in a variety of creative ways to reach a wide range of audiences. Additionally, we will be working on an assessment of the progress that UCLA Athletics has made towards helping to accomplish the UC sustainability goals. With this assessment, we plan to create a progress tracker in order to better inform plans of action regarding sustainability improvements. Both facets of our project also share the common goal of seeking to increase discussion of environmental issues and sustainability needs within UCLA Athletics.

Stakeholder(s): Kayla Shirey

Team Leaders: Elizabeth Ignacio, Jasleen Kahlon

Team Members: Danielle Hoekstra, Chuc Luu, Evelyn Wan, Kendall White

Check out our Final Report! 

Green Games Final Report