greening entertainment at ucla’s school of theater, film, and television

SAR Project | 2020

Greening Entertainment at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television

Pictured above, left to right: Joris Eigirdas (team leader), Aria Soeprono, Emilee Hosking, Kyle Alves, Kikei Wong (stakeholder), Leah Liking’s, Natalie Gonzalez (team leader)


SAR Academic Waste Diversion Team:

Greening Entertainment at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television



Our mission is to collaborate with the Theater, Film and Television School at UCLA to encourage sustainability on their campus and in their quarterly productions. To begin our efforts, we will first assess the current state of waste generation in the school, and consult with the Facilities Manager and Associate Dean of TFT to determine how to best implement UCLA’s sustainability goals. Once this deliberation period is complete, we hope to implement an effective education program to help inform students, faculty, and staff members on the impact of their actions and promote more sustainable practices on the individual level. In addition to outreach, we would also assess the waste generated by TFT performance productions and implement a system that will provide accessible and reusable resources for these shows. This can be done by evaluating the conditions of current resources and creating a program that empowers individuals to reuse materials rather than purchase new ones and contributing to their waste. Overall, we hope to fully assess and visualize the current TFT supply chain, establish accessible resources that promote waste mindfulness, and properly educate current administration and students. 


Stakeholder(s): Kikei Wong

Team Leaders: Joris Eigirdas, Natalie Gonzalez

Team Members: Aria Soeprono, Emilee Hosking, Kyle Alves, Leah Likin


Midterm Report: “Greening TFT Productions and Facilities”

Midterm Presentation: 

Press Release: “UCLA’s Theater, Film, and Television is Going Green”

Final Presentation: “Promoting sustainability and reducing waste within TFT”

Final Report: “Greening Entertainment at UCLA’s Professional School of Theater, Film, and Television”