reducing rodenticide use on ucla campus through the use of alternative sustainable  methods

Our goals are to reduce the usage of rodenticide on campus which can have deleterious effects on the local ecosystems. To do this we have piloted a pest-proof trash collector called Bigbelly Solar, spatially identified risk areas and factors on campus, and documented rodent incidents. We are placing the Bigbelly compactor in Sunset Recreation where its effectiveness and receptivity with custodial staff and students will be gauged through its lifetime. Using Geographic Information Systems we have identified spatial factors such as trash cans, food services, and ivy and their correlations with rodent incidents and bait stations. In order to document rodent incidents, we have placed motion-activated night cameras throughout campus, with varying degrees of success.

Stakeholders: Bonny Bentzin

Leaders: Nathaniel Park and Markus Min

Members: Carly Messex, Edward Griffin Nicholson, Lim Jin Wen Desmond, Catherine Wu

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