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Gas Stove

Research Project | 2023

Mindful Gas Decommissioning

California’s goal of decarbonizing the state’s energy sector by 2045 requires an accompanying strategic approach to the decommissioning of the extensive gas infrastructure, currently comprising over 11 million meters and spanning more than 100,000 miles. As the volume of gas travelling through California’s gas delivery system declines in response to the state’s adopted decarbonization objectives and air quality policies, there are pressing questions and decisions about how to manage the existing gas network; Not only ensuring that the benefits of the state’s objectives are fairly distributed, but also that the societal costs and burdens to remaining gas customers are minimized.

Decommissioning processes must be implemented in a manner that is safe, intentional, environmentally just, and cost-effective. CCSC is assisting DNV GL, USA with the development of a statewide data-driven tool to assist state agencies, local governments, investor-owned utilities, and stakeholders in assessing the technical, social, and economic feasibility of decommissioning specific segments of the gas system. The tool focuses on three main categories: gas assets, decommissioning readiness, and community impacts. The project team is collaborating with stakeholders to identify relevant variables and data types, quantify these factors, and develop a scalable approach for prioritizing decommissioning sites.