SAR Project | 2022

Plastic Policy Implementation (PPI) Team: Enhancing Student Usage of Reusable Dining Ware


In October 2020, UCLA passed their Single Use Plastic Policy to become a plastic-free university by 2023. In response to the recent restrictions against the acceptance of bioplastics by UCLA’s waste collection services, last year’s Plastic Policy team researched marine degradable alternatives to dining ware for the to-go restaurants on the Hill. The team also made plans for introducing reusable utensils/clamshell programming to the Hill. With the recent reopening of campus and the Hill, the 2022 Plastic Policy team will be researching the logistics of the complete onset of the program, particularly looking at dishwashing capacity and incentivizing student participation.


Stakeholder: Denita Toneva (Sustainability Analyst, UCLA Office of Sustainability)

Team Members (Left to Right): Faheema Ahmed (she/her), Rachel Merrifield (she/her), Ethan Choi (he/him), Pratika Nagpal (she/her), Alvina Zhan (she/her), Taylor Mcmahon (she/her)

2022 Plastic Policy: Final Report

2022 Plastic Policy: Final Deliverable

Plastic Policy 2022: Final Presentation