quantitatively and qualitatively assessing sustainability in ucla athletics

SAR Project | 2020

Quantitatively and Qualitatively Assessing Sustainability in UCLA Athletics

Pictured above, left to right: Jo Tarczynski, Maria Ignacio, Kate Minden (team leader), Alexandra Koch, Fumio Igarashi, Sarina Levin (team leader)


SAR Green Games Team:

Quantitatively and Qualitatively Assessing Sustainability in UCLA Athletics



The Green Games 2020 Team plans to assess sustainability in UCLA Athletics through both quantitative and qualitative measures. Building upon the data collected by the 2019 Green Games team, we will collect waste diversion data during four athletic events — basketball, gymnastics, water polo, and softball. Additionally, we will calculate the percentage of waste receptacles properly labeled and separated into three streams for all UCLA-located sporting venues. Through this collection of data, we hope to create an image of the amount of waste produced, highlight areas in need of improvement, and formulate specific statistics for future sustainability lobbying within the Athletics department. We also desire to promote sustainability through peer-influence. This will include producing and posting athlete profiles on social media, disseminating a student athlete questionnaire to learn about their behaviors, and hosting a joint beach volleyball-beach cleanup event


Stakeholder(s): Kayla Shirey

Team Leaders: Sarina Levin, Kate Minden

Team Members: Jo Tarczynski, Maria Ignacio, Alexandra Koch, Fumio Igarashi


Midterm Report: Green Games 2020 Midterm Report

Midterm Presentation: Green Games Midterm Presentation 

Press Release: “Changing the Game: Student Group Tackles Sustainability in UCLA Athletics”

Final Presentation: “How can we address sustainability in UCLA Athletics both quantitatively and qualitatively?” 

Final Report: “Quantitatively and Qualitatively Assessing Sustainability in UCLA Athletics”