SAR Project | 2024

Reusable Container Study

We are the Reusable Container team for the 2023-2024 school year. Our team is conducting a study on the feasibility of implementing a reusable container program in UCLA dining locations where take-out is offered. Our project aims to contribute to the future of SAR and sustainability at UCLA by setting the foundation for a transition towards a reusable container policy in to-go dining halls.

With the introduction of a reusable container program, UCLA has the potential to reduce its waste production, eliminating tons of waste each year from campus trash. In addition to the environmental benefits, UCLA dining would be able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and be able to reallocate this money elsewhere. Our project seeks to explore the practicality and benefits of this initiative, aiming to pave the way for sustainable practices within our campus community.

Through student surveys, meetings with UCLA dining hall staff, and interviews with experts at other large universities, our team intends to secure insight into the logistics and challenges of a potential reusable implementation. Through analysis of in-house utility data and invoices, our team aims to calculate the environmental and financial costs of a Rendezvous pilot program.

Stakeholder: Brianna Moncada, UCLA Housing Sustainability Manager

Team Leaders: Devon Bradley, Cordelia Kuiper Rauch

Team Members: Chloe Ng-Lee, Carina Marcelo, Ria Mehra, Erin Kitamoto, Angela Ke