Special Project | 2018


The Center For Diverse Leadership in Science fellowship is a unique opportunity for early-career scientists to build community, grow leadership skills, engage in collaborative research, and gain support


Build Community

Through our programs of outreach and other social-minded organizations, fellows enhance their cultural competencies as we collectively strive to grow and work together with people from different backgrounds, identities, and values. Early-career fellows collaborate with one another in various community engagement activities and scientific research, and come together for social events  Active participation builds a community of inclusive and growth-minded individuals, a positive atmosphere, and strong rapport.


Grow Leadership Skills

We anticipate that fellows will become emerging leaders with literacy in STEAM who will challenge the status quo and transform systems. Leadership opportunities for early-career fellows are focused on supporting the growth of their professional skills in concert with their well-being. Each year, fellows have the opportunity to participate in a specialized leadership retreat and in workshops tailored to their scientific and environmental edification, professional development, and health.  Early-career fellows may also apply for support to attend conferences and present their work. Further, leadership skills grow as they are practiced when fellows are able to teach, learn, and accomplish goals together.


Engage in Collaborative Research 

We provide fellows opportunities to learn experientially by working in collaborative settings to solve real world environmental problems. These opportunities include group research projects during the summer and academic year with faculty, as well as experiential learning placements including paid internships with non-academic partners  such as environmental nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies. 


Gain Support

This fellowship offers unique opportunities for peer mentorship and vertical mentorship from other CDLS early-career fellows by engaging in collaborative research and outreach. Fellows also receive mentorship from faculty and staff. 

We recognize that higher education in the sciences is challenging and demanding, and one of the barriers to continuing this education is financial need. To encourage perseverance and to address individual needs, early career fellows that are eligible receive financial support from the program.


Eligibility: Anyone who is early career can apply, from high school through postdoctoral levels, from any institution. You do not need to be a STEM major. Past and current fellows include people studying or intending to study Agricultural Engineering, Anthropology, Archeology, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Biochemistry, Business, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, Chicano Studies, Communications, Earth and Environmental Science, Education, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Science, Environmental Science and Engineering, Geochemistry, Geography, Geology, Marine Biology, Marine Science, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, Sociology, and Urban Planning.