SAR Project | 2024

Soil Health and Sustainable Landscaping

We are the Soil Health and Sustainable Landscaping team for the SAR 2023-2024 year. Our team is on a mission to explore the intricate world beneath our feet, exploring possible innovative soil restoration methods for UCLAs campus.

Our research focuses on utilizing relevant literature and expert interviews in order to develop a set of actionable recommendations for how to effectively and responsibly restore the soil on UCLA’s campus. We will then present our findings to UCLA Sustainability and landscape management in order to promote the implementation of our proposed plan.

Our aim is to create a set of guidelines and recommendations for UCLA Facilities management that will improve soil health and promote native biodiversity. Drawing from and improving upon the current ucla landscaping plan, we hope our plan not only facilitates sustainable landscaping, but it also increases student awareness and engagement with restored, native spaces in our urban campus setting.