sustainable food procurement

SAR Project | 2013

Sustainable Food Procurement

The 2013 Sustainable Food Systems Team aimed to help UCLA meet its campus goal of 20% sustainable food by 2020. The project focused on the new sustainable and health-themed Sproul Dining Hall (set to open Fall 2013). The project had two main objectives: research and outreach. The team created a report that analyzed the sustainability of different distributors and suppliers that might supply the dining hall. For outreach, the team conducted a student survey on multiple platforms in order to assess resident preferences, support, and knowledge of sustainable food. The information was provided to the Sproul Dining Hall staff to aid in the implementation of their sustainability objectives.

Stakeholder: Aliana Lungo-Shapiro

Leaders: Kyle Graycar, Wendy Greene

Members: Steven Eggert, Mason A. Sayer, Isabel Sepkowitz

Final Report