sustainable water research projects at the luskin center for innovation

Special Project | 2014

Sustainable Water Research Projects at the Luskin Center for Innovation

UCLA’s Luskin Center for Innovation hosts a Sustainable Water Systems Initiative program to improve science-based decision-making for managing the state’s precious water resources. Focusing largely on water supply reliability issues under conditions of a changing climate, the collaboration between UCLA researchers and the local, regional, and state water communities aims to bring academic research to a forum where it is not traditionally present. This initiative allows communities, public water system operators, and water resource managers to focus on answering long-term questions they may not have the capacity to solve otherwise, and to develop sustainable solutions for California’s water woes.

The scope of water research conducted through the Luskin Center for Innovation is broad. Visit the Luskin Center for Innovation website for more information about the center’s past and current work on water. Projects range from measuring the economic benefits of investing in highly reliable local water supplies to predicting future patterns of snowpack and runoff in the Sierras and their impact on water management.

The Luskin Center regularly seeks research funding opportunities for collaborative research projects. Water researchers across campus are encouraged to approach the Luskin Center to discuss potential synergies that could result in effective collaboration. Contact: Greg Pierce, water program lead and associate director of research (, Nicholas Chow, project manager (